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This pedal is in fantastic condition! There are no dings or scratches on the pedal itself, but the box itself is bent.

The dUg Pinnick Signature DP-3X pedal from Tech 21 is a super-compact adaptation of his Ultra Bass 1000 Signature head. The DP-3X also recreates the sound dUg originally developed way back in the ‘80s, merging high-end distortion with low-end bass. Prior to his signature head, this involved running a guitar amp and a bass amp together, along with rack full of effects. Wanting to further streamline his gear for occasions when his full Tech 21 rig simply isn’t practical, dUg collaborated on the all-analog DP-3X pedal.

In addition to achieving dUg’s unique tone, the DP-3X has the flexibility to provide traditional bass amp sounds as well. Mix mode engages Drive to bring in distortion and Chunk for upper harmonics. A Gain button provides additional distortion and compression. In clean/full-range mode, Drive and Chunk disengage, while Comp and Gain remain active. Other controls include 3-band active EQ with switchable Mid and a master Volume. Features include chromatic tuner, headphone capability, and an XLR Output to go direct to the PA desk or studio board without compromising detail, warmth or responsiveness.


    • As a Pre-Amp: Run the 1/4” Output of the DP-3X directly into the power amp input, a.k.a. “effects return” (if applicable), of an amp. This will bypass the tone-coloring pre-amp section of the amp rig.
    • As a Stomp Box: Run the 1/4” Output into the front input of an amp. For best results, keep the DP-3X Volume close to unity gain so you have the same volume coming from your speaker/monitor whether the pedal is active or in bypass. This ensures the next device in the signal chain won't get slammed by a much hotter signal than what would normally come from the instrument. Similarly, you wouldn't want a drop in volume, either, which would force the next device to struggle for enough signal.
  • TO DRIVE A POWER AMP: Run the 1/4” Output or the XLR Output to the corresponding input of a power amp, and adjust your stage volume with the Volume control of the DP-3X.
  • TO RECORD DIRECT: Plug the XLR or 1/4” Output directly into the input of a mixer/recorder. Work with the input trim control on the mixer/recorder and be sure not to overload its input. Bear in mind fullrange systems yield a wide frequency response. Therefore, we suggest you start with the EQ levels at 12 o’clock and then increase/decrease to taste.
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