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Manufacture's Description:

A World of Hot-rodded Amps at Your Disposal

With the arrival of the Origin Effects RD Compact Hot Rod Overdrive Pedal, consider your endless search for attainable modded Plexis and Trainwreck amps done and done. Inside this small-footprint stomp awaits an incredibly versatile and wide range of hot-rodded amp sounds that deliver that syrupy, thick, tube-like saturation made famous throughout the 1970s. Its simple 6-knob design is intuitive and accessible, offering up studio-quality sound right out of the box. Start playing around with the controls, and you'll realize that the sonic options are purely limited by your creativity. In the top row, there is a standard Output knob for controlling the overall volume, with a Highs control in the center for tweaking the mids and highs and a Gain control for saturating your sound with fuzzy, screaming, high-gain bliss. The bottom row features a Blend knob for controlling the mix of your dry and wet signals, with a Lows control for adjusting the low frequencies and a More/Pres knob to control the negative feedback. Top it off with a fantastic set of Post-drive EQ Controls, and you get an overdrive pedal that offering an entire universe of hot-rodded sounds at your disposal.

Incredible range of amp-like saturation

Hot-rodded modifications have been commonplace for decades, present in many of rock history's most beloved amps to achieve higher levels of gain and a darker sound. With the RD Compact Hot Rod, Origin Effects set out to channel that hard and heavy saturation in a pedalboard-friendly enclosure, and the results speak for themselves. Set all the knobs at noon with the Blend dimed, kick on the pedal, and you'll immediately be met with a jaw-droppingly realistic tube-amp overdrive, complete with a lifelike and responsive "sag" that turns the heads of tube amp loyalists. When it's time to tweak your sound to perfection, you'll quickly see that this stompbox delivers significantly more than meets the eye. The highly musical Gain knob reacts similarly to the volume controls on classic amps without a Master Volume, saturating more and more the further clockwise you turn it — until you reach an unrelenting onslaught of high gain. The cherry on top is the Blend control, a crucial tool when dialing in specific amp sounds and finding the perfect voicing for your playing style.

Endless tonal shaping with a unique flavor

The RD Compact Hot Rod is far from your run-of-the-mill overdrive pedal, with subtle nuances in practically every onboard control to give it a commanding sound all its own. The Highs and Lows controls add a unique dash of flavor to your tone, and they are capable of achieving the unmistakable sounds of many classic amps with the simple turn of a knob. Want to dial in the tone of a souped-up Marshall? Turn the Highs knob counterclockwise for an immediate injection of thick, beefy tone. Need to channel the glisten of a classic Fender? A clockwise twist of the Highs gives your sound a healthy dose of shimmer and shine. Once you find the setting that works for you, experiment with the Lows knob to shape the tightness and looseness of the overdrive itself, perfect for achieving everything from low-gain crunch to full-force doom and drone destruction.

More/Pres control and masterful Post-drive EQ settings add final sonic touches

Once you have your Gain and Highs/Lows dialed in, the More/Pres control is your key to unlocking the RD Compact Hot Rod's full potential. It boosts and cuts the upper mids and treble frequency much like an old-school Presence knob to glue your tone perfectly in the mix. The More/Pres control also adjusts the breakup point of the overdrive with impressive results; the further counterclockwise you are, the earlier the breakup will be. For even greater sonic versatility, the RD Compact Hot Rod's Post-drive EQ voices the pedal perfectly to whatever amp you are using. EQ1 is ideal for taming brighter sounding amps, while EQ2 livens up darker ones. There's even a handy P/AMP setting when using a power amp, interface, mixer, or any DI situation with a cab sim. Once you find the perfect EQ for you, the ADJ knob is the last step for fine-tuning your tone. Its convenient pick-sized slot makes it easy to adjust, with counterclockwise turns increasing the high end by rolling back the bass and clockwise turns to thicken up overly bright and thin tones.

Origin Effects RD Compact Hot Rod Overdrive Pedal Features:

  • Unique and inspiring overdrive pedal for dialing in those coveted hot-rodded amp sounds of yesteryear
  • Simple Output control for adjusting volume
  • Gain control dials in an impressively lush distortion with incredible clarity
  • Highs control for adjusting the mid and high frequencies; Lows control adjusts low-frequency overdrive
  • Blend knob mixes the dry and wet signals together; makes it a breeze to dial in specific amp sounds
  • More/Pres control affects negative feedback in the output stage and breakup; response similar to a Presence knob
  • Post-drive EQ controls cater the pedal specifically to your rig and playing style
  • Easy to dial in a sound for any situation, with plenty of gain on tap for heavier genres and playing styles
  • Could easily feature multiple pedals on a board to simulate multiple amps in one set
  • Works great with other pedals, just like a tube amp should

Tech Specs

  • Pedal Type:Overdrive
  • Analog/Digital:Analog
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4"
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4"
  • Bypass Switching:Buffered
  • EQ:2-band EQ, Post-Drive EQ switch, Presence
  • Controls:Blend
  • Power Source:9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Power Usage:100mA
  • Height:2.56"
  • Width:2.6"
  • Depth:5.62"
  • Weight:1.37 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:OEX-0022-00
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