Seymour Duncan Vise Grip Compressor


Seymour Duncan Vise Grip Compressor


Vise Grip is a true bypass analog compressor that delivers studio quality dynamic control without sacrificing tone. Vise Grip’s Blend, Attack, Volume, and Sustain allow you the precision to tame loud volume peaks, boost low level signals and blend the amount of compressed and uncompressed signal. Whether you’re looking for a more punchy country twang, more sustain and articulation for your searing metal leads, or a funky rhythm “spank”, the Vise Grip delivers professional results perfect for both the studio and the stage.

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  • General Description: A low noise, low distortion soft-knee compressor/sustainer pedal with very wide-range compression, exceptional sustain, and simple, intuitive control of compressor dynamics
  • Bypass: True Bypass
  • Compressor Type: Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)
  • Compression Ratio: Soft-knee, adjustable from 1:1 to > 20:1
  • Attack Speed: Adjustable from 2.0ms to 50ms
  • Maximum Compressor Gain: +50dB

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